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DTx policy pathways: the evolving scenario in Europe

The report aims to thoroughly examine the existing policy and reimbursement landscape for digital health technologies, with a particular focus on digital therapeutics (DTx).

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Enhancing equitable access to digital healthcare

This first DTx Policy Report stems from the partnership between the Digital Therapeutics Alliance and Healthware Group, which aims at supporting the development of adequate and enabling Policies for Digital Medical Devices and, specifically, DTx to drive equitable access to digital health care for all. 

Evolving Scenarios

The DTx policy scenario is rapidly evolving worldwide. We report what's happening in the EU 4+ England countries, Benelux, Nordics and Baltics.

Appraisal Criteria

The definition of adequate appraisal criteria and access policies are fundamental for appropriate, equitable and systemic access to DTx.

Trends and Opportunities

It is also important to read the evolving scenario through a common lens and monitor converging and diverging trends, identifying standards and share challenges.

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Key Take-Aways on the DTx Evolving Landscape: DTx Evaluation Toolkit & First EU DTx Policy Report

This webinar was held on June 20th at 4:00 pm CET and panellists Megan Coder, Chief Policy Officer at Digital Therapeutics Alliance, and Alberta Spreafico, MD Digital Health & Innovation at Healthware Group, joined moderator Kristin Milburn, CMO & MD Publications, Events & Digital Health Ecosystem at Healthware Group, for a discussion including key take-aways and insights from the inaugural DTA Summit that took place in Washington, DC June 6th-9th. This conversation covered some key learnings and insights on digital therapeutics shared at the event relevant to Europe and beyond.
In addition, based on our report "DTx policy pathways: the evolving scenario in Europe | Landscape Analysis & Converging Trends", we focused on the “state of play” in Europe related to existing or evolving policy frameworks by country and outlined the convergence and divergence of them with an eye towards providing clarity and potential areas of harmonization, scalability and equitable access across Europe.

Policymaker & Payor DTx Evaluation Toolkit

As healthcare decision makers (HCDMs) across the world seek out, assess, approve, and implement DTx products, it is important for these clinicians, policymakers, and payors to have access to reliable resources and frameworks that enable more consistent evaluation and implementation of DTx products across local, national, and regional settings.


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