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Frontiers Health to host our Inaugural Digital Medicine & DTx Global Policy Summit

Frontiers Health to host our Inaugural Digital Medicine & DTx Global Policy Summit

Mark your calendars for November 10th, as we unveil the inaugural Digital Medicine & DTx Global Policy Summit
Co-promoted by Healthware Group and the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, in collaboration with APACMed, this Summit will convene industry leaders and stakeholders for crucial discussions on expanding access and adoption of digital medicines and digital therapeutics.

Alberta Spreafico, Co-leading the Summit and Healthware’s Digital Health & Innovation Managing Director, anticipates

The DM&DTx Global Policy Summit will bring together subject matter experts, policy makers and industry leaders from Europe, the United States and the APAC region to share country- specific developments, foster cross-country exchange of best practices and explore areas of potential harmonization to help scale equitable access, systemic adoption and value generation of evidence-based software as medical devices.


Andy Molnar, CEO of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance and Emilie Lopes-Fernandes, DTA Program Lead, also share how

This summit will serve as the premier forum for stakeholders across the digital therapeutics ecosystem to align on best practices and lessons learned for regulating and reimbursing these innovative products. By sharing key insights from recent pivotal reports, collaborating to address obstacles, and capitalizing on current momentum, participants can help pave the way for faster DTx adoption and access.


Roberto Ascione, Chairman of Frontiers Health and CEO of Healthware Group, shares how

This summit represents a milestone in our evolving journey as a global community of health innovators – from imagining the potential of evidence-based therapeutic interventions driven by software to helping them scale in terms of adoption and impact.


Participants will explore avenues to integrate digital innovations into clinical practice through insightful sessions and expert discussions. Speakers and partners from the digital therapeutics and digital medicine fields will discuss the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities.

The Summit promises to be a pivotal moment for the health innovation space, so stay tuned for updates. Be a part of this transformative event shaping healthcare's future.

Frontiers Health has continually advocated for software-driven evidence-based therapy approaches throughout its history. They recognize the continuous obstacles associated with collecting real-world evidence, negotiating payment systems, developing regulatory frameworks, and applying these advances in clinical practice as the environment evolves.

We've seen incredible growth, failures, and leaps in the industry since 2017, when Frontiers Health held the European unveiling of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance. Their platform has created strategic relationships targeted at promoting and exploring potential in Digital Therapeutics and digital medicine through many conference editions in collaboration with Healthware Group.

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