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Landscape Analysis

DTx Policy Pathways: The Evolving Scenarios

Landscape Analysis & Converging Trends in Europe and APAC

Download the landscape analysis & converging trends report for Europe curated by EVERSANA (formerly Healthware) and the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, and the APAC Region report on reimbursement policies curated by APACMed.

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Enhancing equitable access to digital healthcare

The scope of this initiative is global, with this first DTx Policy Report focusing on Europe to:

  • Provide clarity on existing and evolving policy frameworks;
  • Map fit-for-purpose appraisal criteria being applied in countries with formal frameworks in place, analyzing requirements through the common lens of the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Core Model®;
  • Identify converging trends to inform areas of potential harmonization and scalability across Europe and globally.

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A report by APACMed Digital Health Reimbursement Alliance

Landscape of Digital Health Reimbursement Policies in APAC

The APACMed report delves into the landscape of digital health reimbursement policies across key Asia-Pacific countries, including Australia, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea.

Each country is individually examined to provide a comprehensive overview of the current status of access to digital health services, shedding light on the regulatory environment, existing policies, and challenges faced in these regions.

The report identifies and discusses challenges in the adoption of digital health solutions across the Asia-Pacific region. By exploring the hurdles faced in accessing and integrating digital health technologies, the report aims to offer insights into the barriers that may impact the widespread adoption of these innovations. Additionally, the report outlines initiatives and efforts led by the APACMed Digital Health Reimbursement Alliance to address these challenges and promote a conducive environment for the reimbursement of digital health services.