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Landscape Analysis

DTx policy pathways: the evolving scenario in Europe

Landscape Analysis & Converging Trends

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Enhancing equitable access to digital healthcare

The scope of this initiative is global, with this first DTx Policy Report focusing on Europe to:

  • Provide clarity on existing and evolving policy frameworks;
  • Map fit-for-purpose appraisal criteria being applied in countries with formal frameworks in place, analyzing requirements through the common lens of the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Core Model®;
  • Identify converging trends to inform areas of potential harmonization and scalability across Europe and globally.

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Ecosystem updates

DTA and Healthware are launching as a resource for ecosystem stakeholders, policymakers, and payors to engage, identify harmonizable standards, and scale best practices to enable the development of sound and enabling policies. Join our effort to deliver scalable, equitable digital healthcare to patients globally!

Multistakeholder engagement and expertise

This DTx Policy Report is the result of semi-structured interviews with multistakeholder experts, and in-depth knowledge and expertise from DTA and Healthware.

Current and evolving landscape

The DMD/DTx Policy scenario is currently evolving. We analyzed existing frameworks and integrated insights on emerging trends and will regularly update the Report, to monitor and contribute to the evolving scenario. 

Understanding DMD/DTx appraisal criteria

We mapped fit-for-purpose requirements and categorized appraisal criteria, applying the common “lens” of the HTA Core Model® to identify areas of converging standards.